Data ONTAP Upgrade – Mavericks Way/My Way

Hello Fellas,

If you have upgraded your ONTAP before you must have read or heard of three standard procedures recommended by NetApp in their NetApp upgrade guide. Here I explain the other way which I always used to upgrade Data ONTAP, right from my first upgrade couple of years ago. This procedure is nothing but a mix of two of the procedures defined by NetApp and there is no way it can go wrong theoritically. I Had performed over 30 filer ONTAP upgrades in different customer environments with a success rate of 100%.

This article doesnt talk about the upgrading disk f/w, Shelf firmware or microcode. It only talks about ONTAP upgrade and the prerequisite like firmware revisions still applicable and this is not gonna bypass any of them. If you feel this blog is little long then just scroll down to bottom and read last 3 paragraphs(Small ones) which is what I call My Way of upgrading.

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RAID Unleashed (Beauty of RAID)

Hi Folks,

I started my Storage Career with understanding RAID, it was really confusing to me when I started reading but over a period of time analyzing the logic and understanding the different RAID levels made me realize this is one of the beautiful things researchers at Univ of California, Berkeley ever produced. Without RAID forget all your great boxes of NetApp, EMC, Hitachi etc., can do, they are just useless.

Here I’m gonna explain the RAID in very basic terms which I think everyone will understand for sure. Why waiting….Lets dig into it. Its a bit lengthy and supposed to be tutorial rather than blog though.

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Came across this site and wondering what it is all about, well the aim behind starting this is to develop our skills with the help of you Folks. We believe learning will be better and faster when you share thoughts and let other Fellas comment on it and discuss with them, it helps everyone who participate to learn, discuss and argue on interesting things in this wonderful world of Storage.

This blog will be a part of the Main site(Which will be available very soon) with lots and lots of interesting features and some tutorials.

At this moment, we have a two members who will contribute to this Site with one of them Brocade Certified SAN Designer(BCSD) and Other ex-NetApp folk. They love to talk anything about Storage (May not be good at the Commands kind of stuff but Can talk anything conceptually). You can even discuss about the certifications and they will like to share their experience with you in achieving your Certifications.

Apart from the above two major contributors we also we have a chief adviser, one of the Solid technical person I’ve ever came across who carries 25+ years of Industry experience with him in Infrastructure domain.

We hope to bring great content for the Folks who are interested in Enterprise Storage.

Storage is our passion and we are so passionate that we wanted the whole world know about our passion. We Think Storage, Dream Storage, Talk Storage.

-StorageFolks Team.